From floorball field to IT

Published: 2.11.2022

Mikko is a floorball goalie who has finished his playing career and has many years of experience in various tasks at the service desk and workstation services. Currently, he is changing the way clients’ projects are carried out at Star IT as a director of professional services.

Mikko Sjöholm, who started floorball in Tikkurila Tiikerit, has played 117 matches at the main league level and has been an important part of the story of the men’s representative team in recent years. Sjöholm, who ended his playing career in the 2020-2021 season, started at Star IT as Director, professional services in October 2022

”Besides my playing career, I’ve worked in a Finnish company offering IT solutions to the financial sector. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences, I started my career at the service desk and later became a technical service manager. In my job, my team was responsible for our customers’ workstation services,” says Sjöholm.

Bringing ease and clarity to projects

When the new customer starts its journey with Star IT, it’s the professional services team that welcomes the new customer. The role of professional services team is to plan, implement and support customers’ IT outsourcing.

”I am very people-oriented and it’s important to me that our customers get what they have ordered from us. Our customers will have one contact person in projects, and we hope that this will bring ease and clarity to projects from the customers’ point of view”, Sjöholm continues.

Building trust in the workplace

Floorball is not completely left aside, as Mikko Sjöholm is joining the coaching team of the men’s Tikkurilan Tiikerit representative team as a goalkeeper coach. In addition to the men’s representative team Mikko will work as a goalkeeper coach for the U22 and U19 teams.

You may be wondering what kind of thoughts the former goalkeeper brings to Star IT’s everyday life. ”Working should be fun and meaningful – an open, conversational and relaxed work environment brings trust both with customers and Star IT team members,” says Sjöholm.

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