Welcoming Our New Director of Professional Services, Mikko Piiroinen!

Published: 15.3.2023

My name is Mikko Piiroinen, and my role is the new Director of Professional Services. I have a background in in-house IT and consulting services across many industries.

I officially started my IT career at the beginning of 2000, right after the assumed Y2K big bang. There was no bang, just lots of money poured into consultants. I have worked in servicedesk, infrastructure, consulting, and service management duties. Eventually, I switched to in-house IT management where I have worked as a team lead, architect, and service owner.

Originally, I was supposed to be a musician, and I actually was so you could call me a has-been rockstar. During 2003, I toured the whole of Finland while radios played songs I made. But then I decided to grow up and quit the band. So nowadays, music is my dearest hobby. When I’m not making music, I’m playing golf, cycling, and swimming.

My last assignment before Star IT was at Smartly. Since working with IT-related issues for over 20 years, I experienced an epiphany. I saw what the future of IT is and how services should be organized. But I was missing a service provider that would support new companies. When talking to Sakari and Janita, I realized that Star IT was on the path to doing exactly that. And then some.

I’m excited to start this journey with you!