At the heart of the Fluent Digital Employee Experience– welcoming our HR Director!

Published: 6.3.2023

The idea of downhill biking is the same as skiing: up with a lift or pure muscle power and down with speed!  What does this have to do with anything? Welcome to the Star IT team Janita Koskiluoma, our new HR Director! When this woman grabs the handlebars, there is joy, laughter, courage and yes things start to happen – and the same thing goes on at work.

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From sign language interpreting to human resources

Janita is a sign language interpreter by training, but could the training be as far from the current job as you might think? Sign language interpreting represents equality, enabling well-being for everyone, inclusion and creating successful communication. Yes, we’re not that far from HR after all.

”Interpreting field taught a lot about communication and encountering people even though main work tasks at a sign language interpreting company were administrative from the get-go. When it came to choosing financial management or human resources, the choice wasn’t difficult, people” says Janita Koskiluoma, HR Director.

Sometimes a career opens up in front of us in a remarkable way.

Human Resources creates the conditions for all the other teams to succeed

There is a lot of work in Human Resources, but everything starts with the basics so that the operating models are clear from recruitment to the final discussion.

“I always find it interesting to build the basics in a new organization, but building a good positive employer image and an epic employee experience is what really lights me up. However, the best thing you can achieve in this job is a trusting relationship with both the employees and the employer” she continues.

Human Resources creates the conditions for all the other teams to succeed. 

What makes a company a great place to work

”One where there is a psychologically safe atmosphere. All employees have the feeling that they get to do things where they experience feelings of success. But in addition to successes, also setbacks and difficulties are allowed, because that’s what creates cohesion and well-being, which are also directly reflected in productivity. An encouraging, brave, and daring atmosphere is fuel to success – a relaxed atmosphere among employees, and superiors are trusted” she smiles.

We want to create a successful growth company together.