Security Services

Safe environment,
proactive threat protection

Securing the working environment and ensuring backup. We want to provide your employees the smoothest possible digital employee experience, so having Security Services in place, we take care of these areas:

  • Secure Operations Center options
  • In-depth security audits, risk assessments, continuity plans
  • Vulnerability tracking and management
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery plans
  • Infrastructure audit, security assessment, and compliance analysis

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Services that bring fluent digital
employee experience to life

End User Services

Boosting the fluent
digital employee experience

Devices and Licenses

Right tools for the job,
delivered and preinstalled


Work anywhere,
access everything


Safe environment,
proactive threat protection

Enterprise Cloud

Digital transformation,
modern working environment

All of our services are…

Employee Focused
Helping employees to focus on business

Service provisions are automated to ensure fast and error-free delivery

Predictable Pricing Models
Pricing is designed as-a-service model for predicted IT costs

Access all services
anywhere, anytime

• Chat with Service Desk
• Manage employee lifecycle matters
• Submit cases, order items, software, access rights
• Track your requests, incidents, assets and licenses
• Your 24/7 access and real-time company level reporting

All in one place with just one login behind.


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