Decoding SOC Lite and MDR: Navigating Your Path to Secure Success in a Hybrid World

Published: 30.8.2023

In today’s dynamic cybersecurity landscape, organizations face unique challenges. To address these challenges effectively, Star IT offers two distinct solutions: SOC Lite and MDR. Each solution is tailored to meet different needs and provide comprehensive protection.

SOC Lite: Reactive Protection for Essential Alerts

While both SOC Lite and MDR utilize the technologies available to the customer, SOC Lite primarily focuses on incident response related to essential alerts from sources like M365/GWS and endpoint security products. It does not extend its reach to network devices and firewalls. This service is designed to handle incidents efficiently by utilizing event data and predefined actions.

  • Manual incident response based on delivered event data
  • Inclusion of security analyst investigation and reporting
  • Incident response during agreed service times
  • Event data sourced from licensing and native abilities within GWS, M365, and similar systems

MDR: Comprehensive Managed Detection and Response

MDR, on the other hand, takes a more extensive approach. It not only responds to incidents but also combines complex event data from multiple sources, including intricate signal sources. This data is integrated into the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, which aids in further development and enhancement of security posture.

  • Manual and automatic incident response based on diverse event data
  • Inclusion of security analyst and automatic interception, investigation, and reporting
  • Round-the-clock incident response for 24/7 protection
  • Continuous security posture development and reporting
  • Event data sourced from licensing in GWS, M365, EDR software (MS Defender P2 or Crowdstrike Advanced Defend), Vectra AI NDR/IDR/CDR, and SIEM data feeds

Key Differentiators

While both solutions offer incident handling, their scope and capabilities differ significantly:

SOC Lite is ideal for organizations seeking foundational cybersecurity and efficient incident response, particularly those without in-house security capabilities. However, it’s important to note that SOC Lite does not encompass network devices and firewalls.

MDR provides a holistic approach with real-time threat detection, comprehensive incident response, and continuous posture enhancement. It is better suited for organizations looking for robust, proactive cybersecurity and is capable of integrating more complex signal sources, including those related to network devices and firewalls.

Star IT’s Unique Value Proposition

Both SOC Lite and MDR reflect Star IT’s commitment to providing complete visibility and cost-efficient implementations. Key points include:

  • Data-focused implementation, utilizing only essential data
  • Basic incident handling included in both solutions
  • Solutions tailored to the customer’s environment, avoiding technology lock-in

In the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, SOC Lite and MDR offer tailored protection for organizations of different sizes and security needs. Whether you’re aiming for foundational cybersecurity or a comprehensive, proactive approach, Star IT’s solutions have you covered. It’s important to consider the specific technologies and signal sources your organization relies on when choosing between SOC Lite and MDR to ensure the best fit for your cybersecurity requirements.