End User Services

We’ll maintain your company’s software, program versions and software updates and resolve any issues as they arise.

Measured SLA and NPS – if we fail, you don’t pay

Customer Service Portal

Your 24/7 access and real-time company level reporting.

Submit cases, order items, software, access rights,

Track your requests, incidents, assets and licenses

Manage employee lifecycle matters

Chat with Service Desk.

Device Management

We ensure that managed devices are providing the resources that users need to do their work, while protecting data from the risks.

Our Service Desk agents can perform number of actions depending on the software used, device and operating system, such as:

  • Erase (macOS Only)
  • Locate device (iOS only)
  • Lost mode (iOS only)
  • Remote control for Android
  • Remote lock
  • Reset passcode
  • Restart (Windows only)
  • Wipe

Asset Inventory

All computers, servers and mobile devices are recorded in our Asset Inventory. Information stored contains for instance device models, hardware information, installed software, battery health.

Data can be enriched with leasing dates, payment schedules, insurance data and number of different datapoints from other systems.

Service desk

We’ve got your back. Service Desk offers a single point of contact for all service requests and incidents. Service Desk receives all requests and, after evaluation, either resolves the requests directly or forwards them to our team of experts.

Service Desk manage requests using ITIL and IT Service Management tools.

Contact our service desk and consider it done.

Servicedesk 08-17
+358 9 4257 8220


Remote support

Our Service Desk or Experts provide support with remote support software. Secure access only when allowed, end user can close the session whenever.

Local Support

Helping hands on-site; problem solving, training, installation or IT support – you name it, we do it. Our Experts provide local support starting a day/week.

Contact sales