IT Specialists play a significant role in digital employee experience

Published: 22.6.2022

Every business is now digital and every employee dependent on workplace technology to be successful in their role. End User Support team provides assistance to any IT issues and disruptions. IT Specialists are the first line of help when employees face any problems with their digital work environment.

“Our customers can do their jobs well when their digital work environment works seamlessly. If necessary, support must be available quickly and the technical issue must be resolved within a reasonable time“, says Daniel Kuusisto, IT Specialist.

My career journey

Few years ago, Daniel started his studies in Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Information Technology gave a good opportunity to specialize in IT, especially to Digital Service Development.

One major part of studies was working in close cooperation with the working life.

The studies included practical training, that Daniel was able to complete at Star IT. This is where his career journey at Star IT started. Work placements are an important step towards employment after graduation. After his graduation Daniel started as a Junior IT Specialist at Star IT.

“Although the programme in Business Information Technology provided a good starting point for working life, clients and practical work have taught me more than anything else” says Daniel.

Today IT Specialist are focusing on experience

Today End User Support teams are employee-oriented, understanding the digital work environment as well as the employee’s skills and situation – focusing on experience. An IT Specialist plays a significant role in a company’s digital employee experience as they ensure that devices and software as well as networks and servers are working properly. An IT Specialist must be customer service-minded and problem-solving.

“When problems arise in the digital work environment, it’s the digital employee experience that suffers. It’s important to understand that an employee doesn’t have to know anything about the digital working environment, and it’s only humane that sometimes frustration takes over if the work is interrupted. However, such situations can be turned into a positive experience by listening, understanding and solving the technical issue withing a reasonable time“, says Daniel.

Typically, customers contact End User Support team when they’ve forgotten their password, or they need help with software updates.

Hybrid work is part of a modern workplace

Hybrid work is part of a modern workplace. It means work can be done anywhere, at the office or elsewhere.

“It’s great we’ve got the opportunity for hybrid work. In our team responsibility and freedom truly goes hand in hand. I start my day by taking a closer look at the tasks assigned to me, and then prioritize them according to urgency. It means that everyone’s professional expertise is trusted, and you get to work on a self-driven way”, says Daniel.

We’re on our way to make working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive – for everyone and everywhere. If you feel like you have passion for digital employee experience, digital working environment, hybrid work and stuff like that you’re the one we’re looking for!

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Wishing you all the best,

Daniel Kuusisto