Selling solutions at StarIT

Published: 31.8.2021

Relishing a challenge

As a solution seller for an IT service company, Emmi has encountered a variety of situations requiring problem-solving skills, as well as plenty of opportunities to learn something new.

  • “Even though the customers usually contact us, we try to be proactive and suggest solutions so that we can improve our service and make the customer’s everyday life easier. I communicate with customers almost every day,” says Emmi.

In her previous position, Emmi sold software for the construction industry.

  • “That position differed from my current job, as the problems that occurred with the software were usually all of the same kind, and the right solution was often easy to find within a certain range of options. In this job, on the other hand, I have to consult the coders almost daily on what is and is not possible. But I’m lucky to be surrounded by such skilled people that we can meet just about every need that customers have,” she adds.

In a growth company like StarIT, the work of a solution seller also includes finding new customers.

  • “We get leads from both customers and partners, and I also make some cold calls.  I like that my working days have a lot of variety and that every customer interaction is different.”

Development never stops

When Emmi started with the company, everything went smoothly and all she needed for the job was ready and waiting for her, as could be expected from an IT service company. So far, the pandemic has prevented Emmi from meeting her colleagues face to face, and she has had to put extra effort into getting to know everyone remotely.

  • “Thanks to remote connections, communication is smooth and I can also discuss non-work-related matters with my colleagues when I’m not immersed in problem solving.”

In Emmi’s opinion, the work of a solution seller is well suited to independent and service-oriented people. In a growth company, employees have a good chance to have a say in company practices and their own job description.

  • “The IT service industry is an evolving and fast-growing field, and each day gives me the opportunity to learn something new and develop my skills. I have learned a lot during the past six months, and a certain open-mindedness is vital in this job.”