An IT Specialist through many coincidences

Published: 19.9.2022

“Sport has always been an important part of my life, and it was my original plan to have a master’s degree in Sport Sciences. However, it was difficult to get into the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, as only about 2% of applicants get in. My career has been anything but planned, I found a career as an IT Specialist through many coincidences”, says Jori Simola, Team Lead / IT Specialist.

Career plans changed when Jori got accepted into the University of Jyväskylä, Department of Information Technology, to study Software Engineering. ”As my studies progressed, I slowly got the feeling that software engineering wouldn’t necessarily become a career for me”, he continues.

Towards the career through minor studies

”I had three minors in the University, of which Information Systems Science really inspired me. Information Systems Science studies develop both knowledge and practical skills”, tells Jori. In information systems science studies, you learn to plan and implement software and information systems. In addition, the studies develop skills for IT project management and business development using information technology.

“In my last year of studies, I got a job as ICT Technical Specialist at one of the leading Nordic telecom operators, and I thought that this field of IT could be the right path for me instead of programming”, he continues. After the graduation it was time to return to hometown Tampere.

“Again, through many coincidences, I got a job in a technology company through which I worked as an ICT Technician for a multinational company. I worked remotely from Finland to the Netherlands, but I also got to travel on business trips abroad for a couple of months in Poland and the Netherlands, to fully master the new company’s platforms in live training sessions together with our international technical team. In this job, I was given responsibility for my own team for the first time”, tells Jori.

The best way to learn is by doing

“After working three years as an ICT Technician, I was offered a job at Star IT. I started as an IT Specialist at Star IT in August 2021. It wasn’t too long after I started when Star IT’s business really started to grow. Now there are already more than twice as many of us as when I started working here.”

The growth of the company is clearly visible in the everyday life of End User Support team employees. There are more service requests than ever before, the number of customers has increased, and more employees are needed.

”To be successful in this role, your enthusiasm and passion for solving IT issues and distributions are more important than your educational background. Although guidance and support are important in orientation, independent problem solving teaches you the best”, says Jori.

From feedback to data and developing services

Today companies have a growing need for experts who know how to combine business, information technology and customer needs. An experienced IT Specialist understands technological phenomena from a technical, business, and human perspective and knows how to plan and develop services and systems to improve the operations of organizations.

”Whatever feedback we receive from our customers, it’s one of my responsibilities to go through what has caused the challenges and to consider how similar situations could be handled better in the future. I also collect data from various situations for our management team, and based on this, new policies are then published, for example, how certain services will be performed in the future. I also participate in everyday problem ticket solving processes, mainly with the tickets, that are escalated from our other technicians”, says Jori.

Teamwork makes the dream work

”I especially like the fact that even though my team works in Tampere, at least once a quarter we travel to our head office in Espoo and all our Support teams work together at the same location. This way we can get to know our colleagues and working together is far nicer if you feel that your co-workers are also your friends. After the workday, we spend time together more freely, play games or go to a restaurant”, tells Jori.

We’re on our way to make working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive – for everyone and everywhere. If you feel like you have passion for digital employee experience, digital working environment, hybrid work and stuff like that you’re the one we’re looking for!

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