Customer story: Wunderdog outsourced IT to StarIT

Published: 25.10.2022

Wunderdog is a premium consulting agency bridging the gap between business and digitalization in Helsinki, Berlin, and Málaga. Wunderdog was established in 2014 and employs about 200 consultants working in Finland and Germany. 

In spring 2021, Wunderdog outsourced IT to Star IT. The network of the Helsinki office has been managed by Star IT since 2018

The growth required an IT partner

When Star IT approached Wunderdog with a business proposal in 2016, the number of employees was still moderate and there was no need for outsourcing. As the company grew and became international, the need for an IT partner became more prominent, and in July 2021, IT was completely transferred to Star IT.

”The service package offered by Star IT was clear both in terms of pricing and content. The cooperation has gone well from the beginning and exactly the way we wanted, and there was no downtime even during the handover phase,” says Ville Komulainen, CEO of Wunderdog.

Previously, IT was the responsibility of the users, and device purchases were made in-house in addition to their own work. After Star IT came into the picture, valuable working time has been freed up for business.

”The do-it-yourself model unnecessarily took up employees’ working time. Now that Star IT takes care of the digital work environment, everything runs clearly and according to plan. As a CEO, I can focus on business development instead of purchasing equipment,” says Komulainen.

Installation of the remote management software without any problems

In autumn 2021, remote management software was installed on all Wunderdog laptops to facilitate centralized device management.

”We were afraid of some kind of internal crisis when ’monitoring software’ is installed on the machines, but no problems of any kind appeared one way or the other,” laughs Komulainen.

Centralized device management enables, among other things, systematic updates, and encryption levels. Despite the outsourced model, Wunderdog employees have the right to make any changes to their workstations.

”Naturally, the employees of the IT expert organization have the desire and need to customize their own tools. In this case too, Star IT has been a flexible and understanding partner.”

Special thanks to the customer service

Star IT receives special thanks for its customer service spirit.

”Even though Wunderdog is certainly not Star IT’s biggest customer, the cooperation and customer service give the feeling that we are important. Wishes are taken into account and things are carried out the way we want”, concludes Komulainen.

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