Our 10 tips for working from home

Published: 17.10.2022

We’ve collected our best practices for working from home in this article.

1. Plan your working from home week

The best way to organize a successful working from home week is to plan it in advance.

2. Get the tools you need

Make a scheduled plan for each day and stick to the plan.

Talk to your employer in advance about the digital work environment at your workplace.

When the devices, the connections and the information security are in order, working remotely is smooth and safe.

3. Communicate with your family

Go through the plan with your family and make the plan visible.

Sticking to the plan is easy when everyone knows what’s expected.

4. During the school holidays

  • Involve grandparents: if possible, involve the grandparents, a little trip to the grandparents’ house is guaranteed to be fun for the kids!
  • Camps, courses, and other opportunities: various sports clubs often organize clubs and camps for children during the school holidays. Clubs and camps are often organized exactly at the time of the day when you work. Check out what your hometown has to offer!
  • Schedule the funniest day for the kids: make the daily schedule interesting for children, include activities that feel special. Examples: coloring books, watercolor painting, baking, legos, Netflix movie etc.

5. A place to work

The garage, bathroom and even the toilet have been used as work spaces. However, it’s important to have a reasonable place to do the work when you plan to do more work from home.

It’s not always possible to have your own office, but a chair and a table with good work ergonomics are important things in the long run.

6. Plan your work from home days

First thing in the morning, check your weekly plan and write down what you wish to accomplish during the day and stick to the plan. Remember to also plan breaks in advance, and don’t miss them.

7. Make yourself visible

Don’t forget to communicate with your colleagues in Teams or Slack. It’s important that teams keep in touch and use the camera in remote meetings, it increases concentration, motivation, and presence.

Not everyone is equally social, remember to ask questions, and include everyone in the conversation.

8. Take a break

Plan enough breaks for the day, and focus on the other things during the breaks, discuss with your family members and enjoy the short moment together.

Breaks can be, for example, lunch, an afternoon coffee break, and a short walk outside in the morning.

9. Finish the workday on time

Sometimes it can be very difficult to end the workday at home. It’s easy to do a little work in the morning, a little during the day and a little more in the evening.

However, concentration and efficiency are tested if there is no clear schedule and plan for the day.

10. Get ready and get dressed

The fact that you get ready and dressed has a surprisingly big impact on your work day. This way, the working day also has a clear start, and a message to yourself about its special importance.

With these top 10 tips, we wish you have a fluent digital employee experience!